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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 5, 2020 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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twitter @loudobbs like me on facebook and instagram @loudobbs continue. my new book, "the trump century," our new web site, thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. good nig >> earlier in the statement that you read questions and you spoke about how you believe as you put it rounded the corner of the coronavirus pandemic. you said that yesterday as well and i think everybody would like to see the pandemic come to an end, there is no doubt about that. but i wanted to ask you about a forecast that is come out from the ih mee at the university of washington they were forecasted by january the first of next are that we will have 410,000 american deaths from coronavirus which is 225,000 from where we are right now. can you explain how you see us
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rounding the corner based upon the projection? >> if i did not close up our country, if i did not stop china highly infected from coming in, for did not stop europe from coming in far sooner than anybody else including dr. fauci and others wanted to in dr. fauci was very nice. he said president trump made a great decision, we would have far more than that. but maybe even more importantly if i did not close up instead of the number that you mentioned or whatever it may be about 180, we would have one and a half or 2 million deaths right now if i went a different direction which some people wanted me too do and i decided not to do it. now a lot of countries don't report their deaths, obviously china's nonreporting because they had far more than we did, china had far more than we did, that's just my opinion but they do not report their deaths or report them accurately and i
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don't want to embarrass other countries but i can tell you there are other countries where the death toll is far harder than the united states but they don't report that so we reported to a level that nobody reports it, we also do testing and cases i watch are broadcast and read your information in your media outlet very, very carefully and i look at the word cases and the reason i say it 100 times, nobody wants to pick it up but we do testing at a level that nobody ever dreamed possible, we have the best and the most test actually india as per your question before india is number two and they've done a good job and they are about 40 million tests behind us in their country of 1.5 billion people. because of all the tests we are far more cases. if we cut our cases in half and if we cut our testing in half we would probably have half the number of cases and if we cut it
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ledown to levels that don't tes, they test when some but he walks into the hospital, that is the test that you get they walk into the hospital and they are sick once you test, we have tested more and better and you see where we have millions of tests coming in from a certain company that's done a fantastic job and it will be anywhere from five minutes to 15 minutes, very accurate test but if we had much less testing, no testing, you would not be reporting cases, i don't want to go over the statistics but you see how were doing compared to the rest of the world and if you took out new york which is been a tragic situation with the amount of people that died. >> if we take out a major state in the u.s. is still a major part of the united states. >> i'm just saying, new york has been in particular run whether it's badly, incompetently or whether it is unfortunate and i
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appreciated governor cuomo saying i've done a phenomenal job and he said very good things, he said bad things to later on when he had no other choice. but if you took out new york from those numbers, you can multiply or tremendous success by a lot. but the bottom line is the job that we have done on covid-19 or the china virus, china plague or whatever you want, a lot of different names, but it's been incredible and we helped a lot of other countries especially with ventilators because we are now, we build ventilators at a level that nobody thought possible. [inaudible question] >> if we did not do what i said we would be at 2 million deaths right now. >> itches going forward. >> i'm not taking that into
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account, i had a choice to make. if we made the wrong choice, the number that you had which is less than other countries but the other countries don't report deaths, they don't report them to the extent and the accurate and you know that and so do i. if you take a look at the things happening in very large countries, first of all were a very large country but if you take a look at things happening with respect to the reporting of deaths and other countries and i say give me a break. it has been amazing but we made some moves at the beginning, china, big, your big. but the biggest of all was closing it down, understanding the disease and we did and now we know is the elderly, especially elderly if they have heart, diabetes and problems and we are watching it and watching it very closely and by the way were doing super testing with respect to the super testing that if we did a different way instead of the number that you
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said the basically the number right now is 180,000 and we would be at 2 million people right now. it could be higher than that. go ahead. [inaudible question] >> i'm not sure about russia but we have our vaccine and i think it's way to be the standard and great, these companies are incredible and they come up with the great vaccines over the years and that the vaccine that probably most of the people in this room will want to take. >> a quick clarification to my question, the $300 billion was not from the mainstreet lending program or where are you getting that. >> and has not been spent it in an account and were willing to spend it, i would like to get approval from congress, it is a theory that i don't have to do that but i'd rather be upfront and i like to get approval from congress and let it go directly to the people, it be a great stimulus.
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it's actually more stimulus than were asking for. this would be pure stimulus. i would not have to let prisoners go, very evil prisoners go. think of it, the democrats in order to get what they want in order to give us what they're talking about allowing prisoners to be released, prisoners that we don't want to be released. in order that we get money to the making people, they want to say release prisoners and other things like that that are very bad and we just cannot do that, we do not want to do that. >> i know you spoke earlier about the atlantic story and the number in the administration officials that have come out. >> we have 11 people, there is nobody that feels more strongly about our soldiers, wounded warriors, our soldiers that died in war then ideal. it is a hoax, just like the fake
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dossier was a hoax. just like the russia, russia, russia was a hoax. a total hoax, no collusion. like so many other things it is a hoax and you hear more of these things totally and related as we get closer and closer to election, the magazine is a failing magazine and nobody called me, nobody called me from the magazine to say you have a comment, they just write whatever they want to write because they figured you could not get sued, you can get sued but it's hard bringing lawsuits. we have many witnesses and is the total -- is a continuation of the witch-hunt so it can hopefully affect the election. but the american people are too smart. whether it's a fake dossier that turned out to be a total fraud or so many other things, so many other things have turned out, i've been under investigation before i even got elected, these
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people have gone after me more than any other president of the united states in history, the history of the united states and it's a shame. it is a shame, despite that we have done more in the first three and half years than any administration, there has been no administration that has done more and when you added up despite all of the horrible political games that have been played but there is nobody that has been able to do what i've done and that includes the great mission act, what obama passed was a joke it was a joke. and we took it to a level that nobody thought possible and that includes accountability. it is a disgrace that somebody is allowed to write things like that, it could have been, a lot of times the sources are not sources that exist and sometimes the sources are just people that are disgruntled, former so-called employees. >> my question is about that in the notable voice that has been
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missing is your form of chief of staff john kelly who was obviously involved in this. how are we supposed to -- >> i know john kelly, he was with me he did not do a good job and he was peter daut, he was exhausted, this man was totally exhausted, he was not able to function in the last number of months. he was not able to function, he was a tough guy and by the time he got eaten up in this world, it's a different world than he was used to, he was unable to function. and i told him, john you're going to have to go, give me a letter of resignation. and we did that. and now he goes out and badmouth. there are people that are jealous, their people that are upset that are not here anymore in their people that we've done an incredible job in the virus came in an hour doing an incredible job again and we will build it up bigger than the virus came. but i don't know that it was him, i'm not seeing that, i see anonymous and it could've been a guy like john kelly -- he was a
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very -- you look at some of his news conferences, what happened, he got eaten alive, he was unable to handle the pressure of this job, this job was a tough job, mark meadows doing a tough job but kelli was unable to do that and as far as that day, we have so much proof i went to paris and the likes of which the fog was so great. it was as dense as i've everything and i almost knew that you cannot use the copter and because they had a drive through, i guess certain points appears, the secret service who by the way we have people here who were on the trip writing a report unable to think about it and i said nope, i want to go, i
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insist on going, it would've taken us forever, the paris police said you cannot do this they would have to shut down various parts of paris. it was not a possible situation, the helicopter would've been very quick. they had the helicopter all set but it could never fly in the weather. that is all documented by the way. we have all the information from and will probably release the information but i think it is a shame when a second-grade magazine, i do not read i know very little about this magazine. when a second-grade magazine can write things like that about somebody that is done so much for the military and can write things and get away when you ask questions and you want to be ashamed of yourself, let me just say i watched the interview was sleepy joe biden and he did not ask questions, he did not ask questions like that. read the questions they were meant for a child, they were meant for a child, smiles on
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faces of reporters, not like you and you, smiles on the reporters. what do you think, take a look at those questions, they were not meant for a grown-up, they were meant for a child. i just want to tell you it is a disgrace and could you look at what i've done for the united states military and i've gone then pay raises when they didn't get anything near what i've been able to do and i rebuilt $2.5 trillion, i rebuilt the united states military in our including space force. nobody's done more for them and when i have to have a report read like that from a third-grade magazine that's not going to be in business much longer, i look at that and think it's a disgrace and when i watch biden getting asked questions that are meant for a child to answer and anybody could answer. i look at the level of question
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that you people ask it's disgraceful i want to thank you all very much, we appreciate it and it's doing very well. were very proud of what's happening with respect and i think before the election you will see the third quarter announced in the third quarter will be at a level that our country has ever seen before. next year were going to have a year that was better than last year and i feel very certain that it will be better than last year, the greatest you that we have in the whole reason that this is working out this way, we set a foundation for this country like we've never had before, next year is going to be fantastic year. but remember the third quarter will be announced sometime prior to the election by a few days and i think it's going to be record-setting type numbers on gdp and other things. thank you all very much. [inaudible question]
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liz: that is president trump wrapping up the white house press conference that started out pretty sedate about the economy adding 1.4 million jobs, 8.4% jobless rate, then it got heated, the president started to push back in the atlantic magazine calling fallen soldiers losers, now we have john bolton who disputes up in the president is saying you're not asking biden tough questions and also went after his former aide john kelly and tough words for john kelly in the disputes with john mccain and he covered a lot of ground, he also said reporters asking biden softball questions, the questions meant for child and he said that biden has been soft on antifa and left-wing anarchists. this is a story that we want to get to right now. we're gonna get to former nypd commissioner howard on what happened and what the president is talking about with something
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really hid in the campaign right now. what the president was talking about with joe biden and nt 4.0 matters to the story, the suspect believed test shot trump's supporter aaron d danielson, michael rino is shot dead after reporting of firing 50 rounds to ball enforcement and southwest of seattle. let's get to howard on that story. what was your reaction to that story? >> my reaction was one that was predictable, he's talking about violent criminals and black lives matter who are well armed, well-financed and totally anti-police and anti-civilian. they are all about writing and vandalism and black lives matter should be worried about over the 5000 black million americans were killed by other black african americans freedom not surprises individual was well armed and resistant. liz: we just came out of a press conference, not a lot of
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questions about what happened and what's going on in 17 u.s. cities seen unrest. rino was basically shot dead after he gave an interview device magazine claiming that he had no choice but to shoot at aaron danielson with video of that shooting hunt down trump's supporter to shoot at them. i want to show these interview clips. that show it. >> i feel it's important that the world gets a little bit of what's going on, there's been a lot of propaganda for that out there. >> i had no choice. i had a choice, i could've sat there and watch him kill a friend of mine in the car but i was not going to do that. >> the footage that we just showed of the actual shooting commissioner that we got one here.
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your reaction. >> it was part of the false narrative, the false narrative that trump supporters are well armed and going out to riot and cause problems. it's not who you are seen in the streets, your seen people who are generally from out of town and the cities were the riots in the vandalism taking place and i saw this clip the other day of 12 black lives buses lined up in a parking lot ready to go and move people into cities to do writing and vandalism. somebody is financing this, this is not about what is going on in this country. this is a false narrative. the majority of african-americans in the majority of white americans in this country want to take care of their families, go to work, they want to bring down businesses or loot in the mainstream media present all over the country in some ways not. liz: commissioner, there is footage surfacing where writers might be saying at a compound in
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portland, oregon, why isn't portland shutting this down. we have 74 protesters facing federal charges relating to writing and portland, oregon. we have the d.o.j. moving fast to basically arrest 2000 people in nine u.s. cities charged with homicide and weapons charges adding to the chaos in the violence. i'm not sure we got the footage in portland, oregon but a mini tent city. it is in plain sight. what is going on there. >> what is happening the democratic mayors of the cities have ceded their cities and their law into the violent vandals. i do know having been former associate director of the u.s. marshals service that the marshals will go out and arrest these people bring them to justice but if the democratic mayors are going to let the precincts be taken over and let them take over whole neighborhoods as we saw in
7:20 am
seattle, they are going to need federal intervention, these individuals don't live up to the responsibilities which clearly they are not. liz: senator rand paul says joe biden kamala harris instead of condemning left-wing wider writers there blaming trump, kamala harris has asked to donate to a fungibility individuals protesters by going toward alleged felons getting bailed out. we have that going on on the side of the democrat party and then we have about six or seven mayors in minnesota now supporting president trump. the democrat of st. louis mayor saint stop the violence, police need more fun day. there seems to be a split with the democrat party and this leader. what is your reaction. >> it's encouraging to hear democratic mayors stepping in for responsibility. the whole idea about defending police is ridiculous and what's
7:21 am
going to happen is the long response time and there will be no backup and more and more people are going to be victims of criminals and if you look at what's happening in this country and you talk about the nine unarmed african americans killed in 2019 by police in the question as well, the over 5000 african-americans who were killed by other african-americans in this country, i don't hear black lives matter talking about that or the 3-year-old kid killed. liz: thank you so much for joining us. it was great to have you on. come back soon. >> always good to be with you. coming up, the story we were covering for you last night and this week, the story the salon owner who is been in a fight with nancy pelosi is not standing up, she is firing back big time collie nancy pelosi beyond shameful that it is nancy
7:22 am
pelosi who owns the entire country an apology for getting a blowout in her hair salon lately violating rules when this line was shut down covid-19. we have more examples, you will not believe them and what we found of democrat double standards. role for the but not for me. david bossie joins us on that next. >> my personal friend they have lost their businesses. they have gone out, they are never coming back in san francisco, the numbers are staggering. >> we don't care if you have gray hair, we care about whether we eat and whether we work and whether you grant us the opportunity to live our lives in looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line!
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♪ ♪ liz: look at this a group of demonstrators are sick and tired, they protested outside nancy pelosi san francisco home, they hanged hairdryers in curlers onn a tree and saying we are out of work too, we want to open up, thiss is on salon owner erica, standing up and firing back saying it's beyond shameful for pelosi to accuse her of setting her up when the hair salon owner is fed up and
7:27 am
outraged that her hair salon was forced to close four months, she is broken a single mom and having to see nancy pelosi blatantly break the rules, she's not saying she was set up, she was caught on security camera footage getting a blowout at a salon that was shut down because of covid-19. let's take a listen to the single mom who is broke and getting death threats, look at the news coming in, gofundme page for erica raising over $210,000, then trying to hit 300,000 per listen to this t audio. >> the speaker of the house of the united states on tv falsely claiming that she was set up anu publicly defamed and sent out pr firms to spend more lives by jonathan in support of the bueakers own life is bad enough. but for the speaker nancy pelosi to frame herself as a victim under a total false narrative while small businesses and
7:28 am
workers all over california, the state she represents in congress suffer and struggle just to survive is beyond shameful, not only was she fully aware that salons were closed for services but she actually discussed that the fact during her appointment. sorry guys -- so the speakers excuse that she was set up is false. i don't owe anyone an apology, mrs. pelosi owes the entire country an apology. liz: she is visibly emotional peerless. trump 2020 senior advisor david bossie. it's great to have you back on. she is facing a big backlash, what were your thoughts on this? >> i completely agree with eri erica, she has been put upon by the federal government and told
7:29 am
by the state she has to close, she's been following rules and she's broken a single mom trying to make ends meet and then you have nancy pelosi, the elitist politician, not following the rules, she demands every american to follow. it is a disgrace and nancy pelosi should be a same and she could quite honestly be run out of the house of representatives and unfortunately san francisco will send her back, it's an empatheticr place where were all in our politics, nancy pelosi should be ashamed. liz: republican steve scalise agrees with the salon owner she came to the salon and felt safe doing so then she should try to get other salons to open up everywhere and the other point that pelosi's office issued a statement saying she didn't know she did anything wrong, reporters are pointed out there was closed signs and maybe if she looked at that it would help. your reaction questioning. >> nancy pelosi knows the rules, she just knew she did not want to follow them.
7:30 am
she is an elitist politician, she does not understand what the forgotten men and women like erica are about in this country. we talk about the flyover country, she works in washington, d.c. and represents san francisco. she ispl completely out of touch and she does not understand what air cut is going through or anybody is going through and she does not care quite honestly. she is about power for power and wants to defeat donald trump and that's all she has is hate for president trump and her desire to defeat him and she will do anything and it stops at nothing to do it's an unfortunate place. >> americans are fed up, people have suffered through shutdowns, going broke and they need to make money and they cannot go to weddings, funerals, cannot go to birthdays, much of the under growing list of politicians taking breathtaking acts of
7:31 am
double standards for the governors of michigan, illinois, california, new jersey, they include mayors of philadelphia, chicago and new york city, things like the philadelphia mayor shutting on restaurants and then going to eat at another restaurant outside of the state. on and on and on. your reaction to the story? >> we see this over and over again, elitist politicians and they don't want to do what the rest of us must do under their rules, the rules they set for the rest of us. i am not surprised that nancy pelosi got on videotape getting her hair done at a salon that was closed, it does not surprise me one bit, that is the unfortunate part. liz: i know you want to weigh in on the atlantic magazine story, quick reaction to that. >> the atlantic is a pathetic
7:32 am
excuse for a magazine but i can tell you right now president trump has done -- no one has done more than president trump for the women and men in uniform, the active duty in the veterans, you look what they've done for the va, i was with president trump on the day about two years ago this week when the transfer of john mccain's body happened in the president of the united states stopped everyone in the room, he stopped everything that was going on and he watched as his solemn duty as a president to watch john mccain's body being transferred. liz: he did not go to the funeral right? >> he did not go to the funeral but we were at an event, he made 15000 people wait for 30 minutes while he watched a major john mccain transfer of his body was done in the most respectful way as possible. i gotta tell you that to the president is, the atlantic garbage is exactly just that.
7:33 am
liz: david bossie thank you so much for coming in. i appreciate it. >> thank you liz i appreciate it. liz: the house judiciary jim jordan is really fired up and ready to go. you will not want to miss this interview, the newly revealed fbi interview judicial watch found, devin nunes shows the trump russia pro controversy gets deeper and deeper, about intelligence officials, federal law enforcement officials at the fbi helpingfi adam schiff with e trump russia documents, adam schiff one to help spin the media narrative when fbi knew it did not have a case and trump was colluding with russia to meddle in the election, this was before the probe was concluded, the question should politicians be allowed to go there. the story next. >> is not just fbi is guilty you also have the nfa at the time, what the hell were they doing they were involved in the cover-up which is troubling, that is something new when i
7:34 am
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liz: we have been doing a deep dive into government documents. we should you have fbi case against trump was falling apart in early 2017, they cannot make the case with colluding with russia, they cannot close the case, former fbi james comey and director, of national intelligence james clapper and peter strzok and lisa page. a lorn so did sally yates. anever saw any direct empirical evidence that the trump campaign would spying with the russian meddling with the election. here's what's going on right now, remember how house intelligence democrat chair adam schiff that thef time was criticized for going on cnn, msnbc and other networks during the trump russia probe early in 2017 and for the next two years to say that trump was w a russin
7:39 am
asset and colluding with russia at a time when fbi did not close the case, they had no conclusive evidence. newly released fbi e-mails by judicial watch shows the nsa was also offering to help adam schiff to secretly read trump russia documents before the probe was concluded. this after we showed you yesterday fbi e-mails released by judicial watch revealed that they help democrats reach documents two. look who is here, he is fired up and ready to go. jim jordan house judiciary ranking republican. i want to ask you this, whether you like him or agree with him, should politicians read secret probe documents before case is closed, before the probe is closed in order to go after political opponent? >> no, only if it's consistent with how we are supposed to brief devin nunes and adam schiff, only if it's part of what supposed to be done under our system.
7:40 am
all this shows you, everything you talked about we've been talking aboutin for years, two things, how committed the swamp was to take out president trump. they started spying on the campaign clear back in the summer of 2016 and then when he wins the links they would go to to continue to get him. the other thing it shows, fore those of us who have been getting to the bottom for a few years, the only thing we had wrong, folks like you in the press who were digging into it end those in the house in the congress who were digging in, the only thing weon had wrong ws much worse than we thought. that is the only thing that weow missed, this is how bad and how much they wanted to give credit to trump in the links they were willing to go when they knew at the time there was never a proper predicate pretty talked about clapper statement, they all said the same thing. we never saw any inclusion but no proper predicate and they were doing doing it to get the president. liz: peter strzok is given a new interview on his book coming out with the lantern magazine saying he still believes that trump
7:41 am
effectively is working on behalf of russia, that the import of that interview. i read it. let me get back to the nsa. the nsa, the national security agency moving to help adam schiff because adam schiff went off msnbc and use all that saying there is more than circumstantial evidence of trump russia collusion, he said it on cnn december 2017 and april 2018 adam schiff to rebut devin nunes and saying there is collusion. what's going on with nsa? >> i do not know that much about the engine nsa. this is the same adam schiff that is supposed to have no contact with thet whistle blowr and he had no contact with the ukraine hoax. based on the fact that we know he's had contact with the whistleblower and you adam schiff said in the open impeachment hearing, i don't know who the whistleblower is. that is such a joke.
7:42 am
again this is the way the left place. liz, we should never forget, i think one of the best examples g show the links they were willing to go to get this president into cover-up what they did is what they did to general flynn between election day 16 and operation date and generate 2017. 49 times, 38 separate people unmask michael flynn's name because they know they had to alget flynn because he was figud out as a former head of intelligence and he was figuring out what they were doing as the guy who is going to be the national security advisor of the president of the united states so they set on a mission to take them down and they're still trying to get the judge in d.c. that shows you the link they were t willing to go to go after this president and adam schiff, i just don't trust what he says based on the whistleblower and a host of other things. liz: congressman, always great to have you on. come back soon. >> take care, have a great
7:43 am
weekend. liz: the president moments ago when after reporters at the press conference saying why are you throwing joe biden softball questions. we have another biden gasp. he keeps on coming. american conservative union chair joins us and all that coming up next. >> if you're like me you will not have your taxes, the be not have your taxes, the be raised not i wanted more from my copd medicine that's why i've got the power of 1, 2, 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved once-daily 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy ♪ the power of 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy ♪ 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy woman: with trelegy and the power of 1, 2, 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works three ways to open airways, keep them open and reduce inflammation, for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it.
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7:48 am
unfortunate choice of words while visiting kenosha, wisconsin in the aftermath of the police shooting and riots, the biden campaign was meant to ease tension so biden joked yesterday at kenosha that if it spoke any longer those in attendance would want to shoot him. >> they should pay their fair share. >> joined me now american conservative union chair, it is great to have you on. another gaffe. >> the one thing i'm really glad about is that joe biden is out of his basement in campaigning across the country, i want to encourage the biden campaign, have joe biden to his events as possible and haven't talk as many as possible and have a couple press conferences, it would be good for everyone. liz: this election is increasingly about to make
7:49 am
america safer get and get back to normal. should voters asked democrats why are you now on a campaign of disinformation of a summer of silence and why are they speaking out and trying to flip the script on trump claiming it's his fault when two dozen people were killed by the term of your convention but you didn't stand up for innocent people that suffer from mob violence and business communities referring to the ground. where they think it is the democrat leaders in the chaos. >> there's no criticism of the socialist mayors in the cities nor the socialist governors in the state and think about it, joe biden told us he could not go to wisconsin because it was to save -- to unsafe because of the virus. now he's been in kenosha and it's announced that kamala harris is going to milwaukee, they cannot go to receive the nomination because it was to unsafe and there's a flurry of activity into the other states. it means one thing, because of their mishandling and calling out the violence of the riots
7:50 am
and the mayors have done a terrible job that their poll numbers have slipped much more dramatically than you see in the public poles that are being released. the only way joe biden will leave his basement if he was slipping in the polls that's what we see so much of these activities. >> were seeing him with fracking and putting the food on the table of middle-class and blue-collar workers in places like pennsylvania and eastern ohio, flip-flopping on charter schools and flip-flopping on the mask mandate, not saying that anymore, we had people saying were not sure if he has time to clean it up. the question is if there's a hidden side if you will hit the polls and pull the lever for trump. we see them lining up early in the hours of pennsylvania hoping to see him, we see overflow crowd for president trump in both parades across the country breaking out including here in new york and florida and north carolina and south carolina, on and on. and the question has remained, the same thing in 2016.
7:51 am
we don't see things in biden signs popping up in front lawns. >> when you look at the polls you can see trends, even at the ballot is skewed towards biden in a unfair way, you do see trends in a one third enthusiasm advantage for donald trump and in enthusiasm advantage for donald trump each and every poll. why is that, he simply tells folks what he thinks. you know where donald trump stands, sometimes he gets him in trouble but there's an authenticity. the problem with joe biden tells different people what he think they want to hear because he is the ultimate politician. it is just not working for him. liz: thank you so much for joining us. coming up an update on a story that i brought you, drug cartels exploiting pushing record amount of drugs across the border and a resting criminal illegals for the felonies in a big century state pre-that's taping california for the national border patrol council joins us with that - hey, can i... - safe drivers save 40%!!!
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: okay. let's get you updated on a major development. it's about a story we have been bringing to you. border patrol now reporting a record amount of drugs like methamphetamine and fentanyl now flooding acrosss the border as
7:56 am
drug cartels are taking advantage of covid chaos. finish this is being, happening right now asng i.c.e., look at this, i.c.e. has a arrested thousands of criminal illegal aliens wanted for major crimes like now they've nabbed 300 criminal illegal aliens in the sanctuary state of california alone for crimes like homicides, cud napping, sexual assaults and more. i.c.e. officials say california have re-released 30% of those, theyia had released them. hethese guys have been rearrestd in california, sanctuary state. why? the policy there shields illegal aliens from arrest and deportation by refusing to turn them over to federal custody. nowem we've got i.c.e. operatios happening across major u.s. cities like atlanta, dallas and miami andti los angeles. let's welcome national border patrol council president art -- they've been convicted of battery, burglary, child abuse,
7:57 am
domestic violence, hit and runs. so they're arrested and then california's releasing them again. talk to us aboutut that? right. you know, once again it shows these radical left policies that are hurting our entire country. we're seeing it happen, obviously, in california, and we've been seeing it for some time. but when you create these sanctuary laws, what you actually are doing is you're creating a magnet for criminal elements to come to your city and roam free. and, you know, frankly, or i don't understand, you know, not just the politicians, but i don't understand the people that continue to put these individuals into office. they're harming our communities, they're harming our children, and theyy just continue to allow this 40 happen. elizabeth: the arrests were made between july 13th and august 20th. recently this happened. seven counties in california. the counties we are showing on the screen. we're tracking this. correct us if we're wrong, is it true that i.c.e. had been asking
7:58 am
these counties to release to i.c.e. 25,000 criminal illegal aliens since last year? is that true? >> well, you know, from talking to some of those individuals and, obviously, i don't deal with the i.c.e. area too much, but i can tell you that it is something that i many of the agencies have talked about continuously, and again, like i said, the problem is you have these, you know, radical ideas that are allowing criminals to walk our streets. we saw that during the last, during the obama administration where people were being apprehended, and they were being released again in the united states. you know, thankfully, thankfully we now have a president that has been enforcing the laws and is pro-legal i immigration. elizabeth: let me put this together. okay. so last february i.c.e. officials accused san diego county alone of hiding, covering up details on criminal illegal aliens.
7:59 am
they were accused of child abuse, domestic violence and assault. so san diego covers it up. i.c.e. is trying to get tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens who were released back into society detained and then sent over to i.c.e. by these seven counties. so, like, 25,000 of them are released back into california society, and now the border guys and federalbo authorities are trying to do clean-up, and i think a number of u.s. cities arresting 2,000 just recently, in the last few months, of these criminal illegal aliens have spread across thel country. so this is a major problem. in other words, these sanctuary states, these criminal illegal aliens could be moving into other states. >> no, they definitely are. and once again, it's -- the reason it's happening, it's because of the failed policies and these sanctuary cities and states creating a magnet for criminals a to walk on our streets. elizabeth: all right.
8:00 am
art del cueto, thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth donald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a good weekend, and join us on tuesday night. ♪ ♪ muck. charles: good afternoon and welcome to a very special fox business town hall, "america invests together. "i'm sure host, charles payne. it's very important and personal for me because the stock market changed my life, and i know it can change anyone's life for a better. i lived in a single room with my mom and two younger brothers. we climbed over winos and junkies to get to school and violence we saw never knew existed in america. as the oldest, i began


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